High 5 Symposium 2023 | The Shared Experience


Episode 189: Join us in this podcast episode, “The Shared Experience,” recorded live at the 2023 High 5 Symposium. Hosted by Phil Brown and featuring a panel of enthusiastic attendees, this engaging session delves into the transformative power of adventure education.

Topics and Questions Covered in This Episode

The episode kicks off with an exploration of the profound impact of adventure education on everyday life. Next up, the focus shifts to one of the core aspects of adventure education – encouraging participants to listen actively. The panel discusses various strategies and techniques they employ to create a supportive and open learning environment where individuals feel heard and valued, fostering a genuine sense of connection and growth.

Intriguingly, the discussion then delves into the psychology behind the Dunning-Kruger effect and Imposter Syndrome. 

The conversation concludes with valuable tips on how to approach a challenging situation – talking to a supervisor about a disagreement. The participants share their experiences, offering practical advice on maintaining professionalism, articulating concerns effectively, and fostering constructive dialogue in the workplace.

This is an episode that celebrates the power of adventure education through the perspective of our shared experience. Thanks for listening!