Summer Camp Hiring with Greg Stoutzenberger


Episode 160:  Hiring staff for summer camp can be a constant struggle. New thoughts and strategies should be considered. You’ll find plenty of new ideas in this hiring-focused episode.

Host Phil Brown and guest Greg Stoutzenberger (formally of the Mayhew Program) sit down to discuss their thoughts about hiring. 

Topics and Questions Covered in this Episode

  • How to create a culture that encourages staff retention
  • Tips on staff training and recruitment
  • How to ramp up recruiting efforts
  • Explore retention efforts 
  • What are some staff hiring pitfalls?

*This VPP episode was originally recorded in the winter of 2019*

Additional Resources

Connect with Greg – 

Learn more about the Mayhew Program here:

Check out our Job Posting Resource Page – Helpful links for our community. 

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