Inspired Educator Stories Continued... What Motivated You to Become an Educator?


Episode 10:  Inspired educators’ stories to start the New Year!  Host Phil Brown invites teachers to share their answers to the question: “What Inspired You to Become an Educator?” What follows is a compilation of responses from 7 teachers via   Each teacher shares personal accounts as to why they decided to become an educator.  Often they give praise to a former mentor or cite a life-changing experience that influenced their career choice.  Throughout this audio journey, you’ll discover a variety of voices and paths, with one common denominator: a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

First, an inspired educator who teaches Middle School highlights their wish to foster students’ critical thinking about the world around them.  Next, another inspired educator shares a story about fostering the growth of their students who have been impacted by trauma.  Subsequently, five more teachers share their motivations and convictions for the work they do in schools and elsewhere.  Most importantly, you’ll find out what makes each of these teachers unique and inspiring in their quest to open the world of learning to all their students.

Finally, High 5 Adventure reiterates its support and good wishes to teachers as they begin the 2021 school year!

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