Managing Emotions & Vulnerability in Group Facilitation


Episode 103: Join Ryan McCormick, Anne Louise Wagner, Lisa Hunt, and Phil Brown as they talk about the impact of modeling vulnerability and expressing emotions in group facilitation settings. Through sharing unique personal experiences, the team examines what factors make them feel a certain way when opening up to groups as the facilitator. And, what happens when they encourage others to do the same?  

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • What makes us feel vulnerable in the work we do as experiential educators and facilitators?
  • How do different experiences and personalities make us react to emotions?
  • What are some of the strategies for role modeling emotions?
  • Effective facilitation techniques for discussing emotions with your participants.
  • Tips on how to create judgment-free zones when it comes to emotions and vulnerability in class or on the challenge course.
  • How to remain neutral in modeling emotions while not being a blank slate.

Ultimately, the discussion revolves around how emotions and vulnerability can be positively modeled for both educators and students alike. As a closing activity, each team member shares one activity they rely upon to support their groups in managing emotions and vulnerability in their diverse work as facilitators and experiential educators.

Resource(s) Mentioned in Episode:

Ruby Find a Worry – Tom Percival Podcast Episode