Beth Wonson Discusses Mastering Feedback


Episode 79:  Today’s conversation covers the ins and outs of mastering feedback.  It offers a straightforward road to successfully navigating the feedback loop. VPP guest host Lisa Hunt chats with author and consultant, Beth Wonson, who just published a new book: Mastering Feedback: Everything You Have Never Been Told About How to Give Feedback.  Candid feedback that empowers people to grow, improve, and acknowledges human aspirational beliefs.  That’s the desired outcome of anyone dispensing or receiving feedback.  Your facilitation skills will benefit immensely from tuning in to this episode.  

Throughout this strategy-packed episode, Lisa and Beth discuss real-life examples of how to provide feedback that empowers people and is fact-based.  One of Beth’s colleagues describes feedback in this way “feedback is not a gift, feedback is a lift.”  That theme guides the discussion and frames this highly effective approach to offering feedback.  Here’s a summary of pertinent questions and topics covered in this informative and transformational episode about mastering feedback:

Mastering Feedback Topics Covered in the Episode:

  • How can you avoid the pitfalls and myths associated with feedback?
  • Explain the coaching element of feedback and how that can empower people.
  • What is the feedback sandwich and why is it ineffective?
  • How do you create a culture of feedback at your workplace?
  • What does it mean to tap into a person’s “genius” as it relates to feedback?
  • Describe the concept of “getting clean and clear” in delivering feedback.

Find out more about today’s VPP guest here: 

Beth Wonson: CEO and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Since 2015, Beth Wonson, CEO and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, has coached hundreds of C-suite professionals in Fortune 500s and the non-profit sector to have meaningful, drama-free conversations. Beth has worked in various industries holding roles including CEO and COO. Beth is the author of Mastering Feedback: Everything You’ve Never Been Told About How to Give Feedback.

The mission of Beth Wonson & Company is to bring Navigating Challenging Dialogue to everyone who wants to have meaningful, drama-free dialogue. We provide leadership coaching, consulting, and training rooted in the NCD Process so our clients are able to stop wasting valuable resources through miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and unnecessary drama.




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