Meet Chad Littlefield: Tips for Creating Conversations that Matter


Episode 54: Guest Chad Littlefield, the Chief Experience Officer at We and Me, Inc. joins host Phil Brown to discuss strategies for creating conversations that matter. Through a short journey of his past and a fun Q&A activity, Chad shares how he became motivated to excel in his profession. Specifically, the moment he knew what direction his career would take. Along the way, discover the origins of  the We! Connect Cards activity and the role that they now play in the company’s success. 

Together with Phil, listen as Chad shares his experiences as a facilitator and explores the specifics of his role. Additionally, Chad delves into the internal and external needs he tried to fulfill when first creating the We! Connect Card brand. Later on, listen to why following a curiosity rather than a passion is more beneficial to your career. Finally, the pair explores what being a collaborator instead of a consumer means.

If you’re curious about what High 5’s equivalent to We! Connect Cards is, check out our Ubuntu Cards. Similarly, to find out more about Chad and his work as co-founder, speaker, author and creator of We! Connect Cards click here.