Antique Gamebooks: Learn How to Play Gardener & Scamp and Bull in the Ring




Episode 34: Ryan, Rich, Sam and Phil look through antique gamebooks (some over a century old) with the task of identifying how to perform the activity. Only the name and a few other clues act as a guide so the competition is afoot. Per usual, hilarity ensues as outlandish guesses and quirky commentary abound throughout the experience.

The first game to decode is Gardener & Scamp, a competitive two-player romp that is more than it appears at first glance. After that, Phil and friends decipher the meaning of Bull in the Ring. This is an even older activity than the former by a few decades. Proving more difficult to figure out than the first, this game gives the gang a bit of a challenge. Eventually a break through is made, connecting the activity to a beloved modern variant of the game.

By the end of the episode, expect to share a few laughs with the cast of Name the Game and learn a few new activities to try for yourself with a group of friends! Who knew antique gamebooks could be so much fun?

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