Neurochemicals at Play


Episode 61: What do neurochemicals at play look like?  Adventure learning brings play to life and can actually trigger chemicals in the brain that offer great benefits to folks.  Basically, we’ll examine the impact of neurochemicals at play from an insider’s view, High 5 Adventure trainer and podcast host, Phil Brown.  In this Vertical Playpen Podcast, Phil discusses the 4 primary neurochemicals that elicit happiness: Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin.  Later on in the podcast, he’ll reveal the benefits of understanding the neurochemical impact of play on the brain.  First off, Phil describes this mix of feel good brain chemicals E.D.S.O.  Then, step-by-step, he’ll share tips and adventure learning games that he uses with participants who attend High 5 Adventure workshops so you too can integrate these activities into your work.  Lastly, you can find more useful resources on this topic at the American Journal of Play.

Disclaimer: Phil Brown is not a neuroscientist.

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