In-Person Trainings with Physical Distance


Episode 56: Join the training team once again. This time Rich Keegan, Chris Damboise, Lisa Hunt and host Phil Brown discuss training with physical distance. In addition, the group goes over what participants can expect from attending High 5’s newest workshop, Gathering Again – Adventure Activities with Physical Distance. Along the way, learn what the group’s key takeaways have been from training amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through utilizing physical distancing, masks, and good hand hygiene, High 5’s Challenge Course and facilitation activities have remained ongoing. Similarly, while masks are great protection from COVID-19, the cast analyzes ways in which they act as an inconvenience and sometimes even a danger to challenge course participants. Furthermore, the training team explains how they have had to adapt to ever changing conditions. Likewise, the thought process behind determining what the “key jewel” of a program is and whether it should be preserved is explored. For example, is it possible to bake physical distancing into group activities? When is the appropriate time to take off masks?

 With fresh activities being generated from physical distancing protocol, the cast delves into how to create environments that actively move people to open spaces. Ultimately, the question that everything boils down to is how to react to new groups during COVID-19. What’s it like to interact with people outside of family and close friends?

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