Listener Questions - Introverted Facilitator, Favorite Icebreakers, and More


Episode 84: In this premiere episode (with more planned in the future), Phil extemporaneously answers a series of questions sent in by listeners.  First, he shares a couple of five-star VPP podcast reviews.  Then he genuinely provides answers to a variety of facilitator skills and style questions.  

Questions Presented by Listeners

  • Is there room for introverts in the field of facilitation?
  • How do you stay genuine in a “performance style” profession?
  • What is your favorite icebreaker question?
  • Best closing to a single-day program?
  • Most under-appreciated facilitator skill?
  • What’s something you are bad at and are working on improving?
  • When you have a bad day while facilitating, how do you recover?  

You are invited to submit your questions to: or direct message Phil on Instagram @verticalplaypen

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Facilitator Cards

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