Let's Talk Risk Homeostasis

Episode 68: In this installment of VPP, Lisa Hunt and Phil Brown have a discussion around the concept of Risk Homeostasis. This theory proposes that individuals are constantly weighing the risk of an action against their target risk level. Consequently, such a comparison determines whether they will go through with said action. Ultimately, what the individuals involved serve to win or lose in the encounter heavily influences this decision.

Specifically, Lisa and Phil focus on how the concept presents itself in adventure programming and challenge course operations. This is done through an exploration of risk in theoretical situations involving common high element activities. Both Lisa and Phil go back and forth, each detailing the thought process they go through when conducting these events in real life. Through this approach, listeners get a glimpse of how High 5 trainers view risk in relation to themselves as individuals and those they work with within workshops.

Eventually, the conversation arrives at COVID-19 and how the assessment of risk has changed over the course of the pandemic. Lastly, the pair wrap up by sharing the key takeaways that they’ve received from their work with evaluating risk.

Books referenced in this episode and recommended by Lisa are:

  • Target Risk by Gerald J. S. Wilde – download a free digital copy here.
  • The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
  • Tinker, a book written by High 5 staff.