How Soccer Explains Leadership


Episode 86: Can a sport like soccer help to explain leadership?  You bet.  Today’s guest, Phil Darke, provides insight into the sport from a leadership angle.  As co-host of How Soccer Explains Leadership, a podcast devoted to the subject of leadership, Phil has tons of examples and lessons to impart.  

Aspects of leadership including connection, trust, building relationships, and attributes of effective leaders are closely examined.  As in life, there are no time-outs in soccer and it’s a free-flowing game in which effective communication is central to the sport.  Good leadership is essential for success.  Phil Darke and host Phil Brown, both share a love of the sport and draw many comparisons to the challenge course experience as well.  The High 5 phrase Connect, Empower, Lead… Be the Example is readily applied throughout the conversation.  Here’s a list of topics covered – enjoy the conversation!

Questions Presented In This Episode

  • How does soccer model leadership?
  • What is the role or impact of connection within an organization as it relates to leadership? 
  • Why do you refer to soccer as the “beautiful game”? 
  • As a leader, how do you show genuine caring? 
  • What is the common denominator of an effective leader?
  • What are some leadership lessons that are unique to soccer?

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