Syracuse University - Scott Catucci


Episode 117: Scott Catucci, Associate Director of Recreation Services at Syracuse University is our guest on VPP today. He oversees a diverse set of initiatives and programs in his position at Syracuse University. He’s passionate about the outdoors and building community in all of the programs he oversees.

In this episode, you’ll find out how he got started in the field as well as more about the programs offered at Syracuse. Most recently, they added a new E-Sports room equipped with high-end PCs, console stations, VR headsets, and more. Phil has many questions about this foray into the digital aspect of experiential learning.

There’s a lot to discuss in this episode, and that’s maybe why Scott was able to deflect a mystery question and get right to the conversation points below…

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • How did you discover Experiential Education?
  • What led you to pursue a career in the field?
  • Volunteering at AEE
  • Experiential learning through music 
  • Impact of e-sports and video games on experiential learning

Additional Resources

Learn more about Syracuse’s Recreation programs here:

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