Geoff Ward - Hockey Team Building Podcast


Episode 51: Geoff Ward, interim head coach of the Calgary Flames, joins Phil Brown and Jim Grout in a discussion about his long-term connection to High 5 team building services.  The interview begins with Geoff’s definition of his leadership style and learning environment during practice.  Then he explains why connection and empowerment have been an integral part of his professional hockey team’s game plan and ultimate successes.  Finally, they review the theme of “Contender to Champion”.  These are the lessons they learn along the way from upstart to winning team.

Update: Geoff Ward was officially named head coach of the flames on September 14, 2020.  Find the interview with GM Brad Treliving and Geoff Ward in this link to the video.  Head coach Ward discusses the impact of the team building event last fall with High 5 at the end of this interview (29 minute mark).