The Global Organization of Tree Climbers | Harv Teitelbaum


Episode 226: Harv Teitelbaum discusses his journey into tree climbing and the emotional and physical benefits it provides. He explains the accessibility of tree climbing and the equipment used. The conversation also touches on the overlap between tree climbing and challenge courses, emphasizing the importance of connecting with nature and the environment. Harv shares information about the Global Organization of Tree Climbers and where to find more information about tree climbing.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Tree climbing provides a sense of perspective, adventure, and discovery, and offers a reset in the universe.
  • Tree climbing is accessible to people of various physical abilities and does not require extensive physical fitness.
  • There is an overlap between tree climbing and challenge courses in terms of connecting with nature, teaching about the environment, and fostering empathy and support for nature.
  • Knowing the species of trees and understanding their importance in ecosystems can enhance the tree climbing experience and build a constituency for environmental protection.
  • The Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC) provides guidelines, training, and a network of instructors and facilitators for safe tree climbing.
  • Tree climbing is a fun and social activity that enhances relationships and provides a shared context for conversations.