Serious Business of Play with Vishwas Parchure


Episode 192: Welcome back to the second installment of our captivating interview with experiential education luminary, Vishwas Parchure. In this episode, we continue our exploration of the art of facilitation as Vishwas delves deep into a range of thought-provoking topics, sharing his insights and practical wisdom.

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

Vishwas shines a spotlight on a common practice in facilitation:  “hot-seating.” Through a critical lens, he unpacks the potential pitfalls of this approach, revealing the hidden dynamics that can hinder authentic engagement and learning. Discover how Vishwas proposes a more nuanced and effective alternative that fosters a truly open and safe learning environment.

As the conversation unfolds, Vishwas addresses a fundamental question every facilitator grapples with: How much should you talk? Drawing from his wealth of experience, he provides a refreshing perspective on the delicate balance between guiding participants and allowing space for their own discoveries.

Vishwas takes a moment to reflect on the simple yet profound act of just being present with participants. He explores the transformative potential of genuine presence and its ability to create a safe space for exploration and growth.

In the finale of this episode, Vishwas unveils his holistic philosophy of facilitation, encompassing conditioning, conduct, and consciousness. Drawing inspiration from the story of the Buddha, he underscores the profound significance of active, empathetic listening in the facilitation process.

Prepare to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired as Vishwas Parchure shares his transformative insights and experiences in the world of experiential education. Join us as we conclude our illuminating interview with a deeper understanding of the art of facilitation and its profound impact on learning and growth.

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