Facilitator Nerves  


Episode 6.5: Facilitator nerves show up while leading a group. It’s just inevitable. Members of High 5’s training team, Chris Damboise, Rich Keegan, Lisa Hunt and host Phil Brown, discuss the concept in depth. Through the sharing of personal experiences, the cast breaks down the various levels of nervousness when in a facilitator role. During this discussion many questions arise. Am I reading the group right and giving them what they need? How will they react to the activities I’ve prepared? 

In turn, each member of the team elaborates on how the answers to these questions changed as their careers advanced. While these stories get passed around, the positive aspect of having nerves reveals itself, just as strategies used to compensate for nervous energy are explored. The group then provides detailed outlines for how facilitators can incorporate these measures into their own programs.

The cast also examines other related topics. Chris touches upon the role that humor plays in alleviating or worsening facilitator nerves, while Phil recollects what it was like to first join High 5. Please enjoy this installment of Tinker Talk and remember to take a look at our store to view the referenced book. Also don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the training team.  Send an email to info@high5adventure.org if you have any questions.