Traveling Stories with Trainers Traveling


Episode 146: Join High 5 Trainers Phil Brown and Rich Keegan as they travel together to a training. Truth be told, many great conversations go unrecorded when traveling for work. Traveling stories with trainers traveling is a bit of a tongue twister, but Phil and Rich really mix it up in this fun episode. Glad you can join us for this 20-minute journey.

You may recall that the VPP podcast started with Phil interviewing High 5 staff in his car, with a less-than-trusty microphone. Getting back to its roots, the podcast returns to the car with a microphone to capture these entertaining travel stories.  Enjoy these traveling stories with trainers traveling!

Topics & Questions Presented in this Episode

  • Best and Worst Adventure traveling stories
  • A couple of Canadian misadventures
  • The luxuries of air travel 30 years ago