Tree Climbing Discussion with Harv Teitelbaum


Episode 111: Phil is joined by President Emeritus of the Global Organization of Tree Climbers, Harv Teitelbaum to discuss going vertical with tree climbing. If you love being outdoors, the environment, trees, and challenge courses, then you’re going to really connect with this conversation. Without a doubt, there are many similarities, and at the same time, many differences between recreational tree climbing and challenge course programming. You’ll feel like you are up in the trees in this episode and find out what makes this type of climbing unique and different. Here’s a preview of topics covered…

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • What recreational tree climbing?
  • What drew you into the world of tree climbing?
  • How can someone find tree climbing trainers in their area?
  • The importance of educating our participants about trees and the natural world in which we work.
  • Is there any educational overlap in challenge course programming and recreational tree climbing?

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