Two Truths No Lies Activity



In this episode of the podcast, Phil Brown and Rich Keegan host a game show “Two Truths and No Lies” for the High 5 staff as they make their way to this year’s all-staff retreat.

The task – listen to all 23 pairs of truths and try to guess which pair belongs to which High 5 staff member.

For those listening who do not work at High 5, I apologize and equally welcome you to enjoy listening to the varied and diverse experiences that our team shares.

This episode highlights two things:

  • An example of an activity you can do with your intact teams
  • That we are a fun (and interesting) bunch of humans!

GIVEAWAY – Play along at home and if you believe you correctly identified one or more of a High 5 team member’s  2 truths, then message me your answer on Instagram @verticalplaypen or email me, and depending on how many you get correct you will be entered into a drawing to win a sticker pack!