5 Ways to Bring Ease to Back-to-School

Description: Episode 4: What do teachers want parents to know about transitioning back-to-school with more ease? Furthermore, how does one go about answering such a question? Especially, one that is on the minds of so many families and educators as the school season starts again this fall. Join Melanie Bradford along with EOL podcast hosts Phil Brown and Anne Louise Wagner. Being a 5th-grade teacher at Symonds Elementary School, Melanie is able to bring an educator’s perspective to the table. Likewise, being a father, Phil is able to view each subject through the lens of a parent. Listen as the team shares tips offered in a recent EOL Blog post by the same name: “5 Ways to Bring Ease to Back-to-School“.  Similarly, this installment is broken up into five easy to digest parts:
  1. We’re all striving for the same goal, young people learning, that’s what school is all about
  2. Knowing how to get teachers to know your child better
  3. Learning is all about practice, meaning it’s messy and involves mistakes
  4. Taking time to get familiar with the communication channels around you
  5. Finding patience with yourself, your child, and all involved with this transition
Each section explores how educators becoming more emotionally vulnerable can benefit their students. Additionally, the team explores ideas such as:
  • How teaching through example can improve learning outcomes
  • Finding common goals and relating personal experiences between individuals
  • Ways to be more comfortable when not performing at your best
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