Stanley Cup Win | Geoff Ward


Episode 178: What does it take to win the Stanley Cup? High 5 has an interesting perspective to share when it comes to professional hockey teams and winning the Stanley Cup.

Topics and Themes Presented in this Episode

Professional hockey teams and High 5 Adventure Leaning Center have an interesting connection dating back to the 2010-2011 season when we first worked with the Boston Bruins. That season, they went on to win the Stanley Cup!

Since then, High 5 has had the privilege to work with the following professional hockey teams:

  • The Mannheim Eagles, a team based in Germany
  • The New Jersey Devils
  • The Calgary Flames

One constant with these experiences has been Geoff Ward, who has served in various coaching roles for these teams.

In this episode, Phil is joined by Jim Grout, High 5’s Founding Director, and coach Geoff Ward to discuss the impact of team development work for professional hockey players and the how valuable this experience can be for teams to reach new heights of success.