LISA HUNT – Trainer


Lisa joined the Training and Team Development team in 2016, after 20 years of experience in facilitating and training in the field. Her degree in Anthropology and Sociology combined with her certificate in Outdoor Leadership from Greenfield Community College merged well to create a foundation of curiosity about culture and organizations, and how aspects of risk and adventure impact all of us.

“I had a formative experience at a camp in Vermont at the age of 12. My camp counselor took her time with us, a group of young girls. She facilitated a process of creating group norms, she modeled the power of reflecting on an experience, and she took me above tree line for the first time in my life. And while the views from Mt. Mansfield were stunning, it was the safety of the group and the sense of togetherness that stuck with me the most. That was the spark that sent me on my way to the career that so well serves my character and values.”

Lisa’s work with camp staff, teachers, coaches, administrators, and youth and teen populations are grounded in the understanding that an activity-such as her hike up Mt. Mansfield-when well facilitated-can create life changing experiences for people. “What’s so exciting about the work that High 5 does is that we don’t need to take people on expeditions or thrilling rock climbs in order to experience the benefits of real adventure. It can happen anywhere!”.