Advanced Team Performace Now!

We are team development professionals with 35 years of crafting custom programs to fit your team’s own unique challenges.

Four components of a winning team:

  • Talented, motivated members
  • Strong leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Group cohesiveness and trust

Successful leaders and winning coaches know that all four are equally important to a team’s success. If your team is missing any of these components then you may have a team that isn’t performing to its full potential. Individual talent will only get you so far.

Good team chemistry changes everything — it’s a foundation beneath every success story. Every team member performs better when they want to do their best for every other team member. A custom-built team development experience can help your team — seasoned or newly formed — to get to the next level. When you build team chemistry “off the field”, you’ll see better team performance “on the field.”

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There are universal themes and challenges among all teams, but your team’s unique dynamic may not be best solved with a shorter, pre-packaged adventure experience. Call us to discuss how we can help your team achieve maximum potential.

“After seven years of experiencing your skills and expertise, I wholeheartedly agree: there is no one better. You have succeeded in changing the culture of our company.”

-John Milligan, VP-R&D
Autumn Harp Corp.

See how we’ve helped the Greenwich High School Girls Swim Team and C&S Wholesale Grocers.