Leadership Development

We can help make your team better, by showing them how to be a group of leaders.

As a nonprofit educational organization, High 5 is recognized worldwide for its brand of adventure and experiential education programs, and the leadership training that has become its hallmark. Some of the world’s most respected schools, colleges, sports teams, institutions, and businesses turn to us every year for help to improve the way they live, learn and work together.

Connect. Empower. Lead—be the example.

These words define our mission at High 5 Adventure Learning Center and create a roadmap for our Edge of Leadership Program. The rapidly changing world of the 21st century is calling for a new kind of leadership. Not leadership from the top, but leadership that draws on the wisdom and talents of every person in the group, the classroom, the office, the team, the institution. It calls for leadership that doesn’t depend on leadership by individuals but leadership that draws on the whole group of individuals to become innovative problem-solvers, collaborative creators, nimble adapters, and trustworthy teammates pursuing a shared mission. It calls for leadership by example.


We can help make your team better, by showing them how to be a group of leaders. Call us to explore ways that we can take your team to a higher level.

“After coming to High 5’s Edge of Leadership program I really learned what type of example I can be to lead,” says pro hockey player Danny Paille. “My first year was back in 2010 with the Boston Bruins, who were looking to build team chemistry. It’s amazing what a simple activity can do — the trust that you can build off of it.”

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