Greenwich High School Girls Swim Team

High 5 helps the swim team launch each season by focusing on how they work, communicate and function as a team.

Greenwich High School in Connecticut has a stellar sports program and the Girls Swim Team is one of its shining stars. Their phenomenal history of winning state championships speaks for itself. The team prides themselves and credits their consistent success on team depth, hard work, long hours and in their high functioning ability to work together as a team both in and out of the pool.

Each fall, since High 5 was founded, the team comes to High 5 in Brattleboro, VT to launch their season by focusing how they work, communicate and function as a team. In our fields, yurt, cabins, woods and challenge course, these young women do the hard work of intentionally challenging the definition of what it means to belong to this team. Their coach, Lorrie Hokayem, credits their visits to High 5 for jump-starting their success every season.

After their most recent visit in 2016, Coach Hokayem shared, “It would have taken me 6 weeks to get to know each of the girls as well as I know them after these three days at High 5.”