History of Outdoor Education with Hutch Hutchinson


Episode 63:  Have you ever wondered about the history of Outdoor Education?  What inspired the early outdoor educators?  Hutch Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, joins host Phil Brown, in a captivating discussion about the history of Outdoor Education.  From the early 19th century to present day, Hutch and Phil explore the development and key influences on the field.  It’s a fascinating story that brings a fresh relevance to your work as Experiential Educator in the 21st century.

First off, Hutch shares an overview of how he discovered Outdoor Experiential Learning as a vocation.  Throughout this section, he passes on some great tips to jump start your thinking about career paths.

Next, Phil and Hutch dive into the nuts and bolts of the evolution of Outdoor Education.  Hutch’s dissertation, “Crafting an Outdoor Classroom: The Nineteenth Century Roots of the Outdoor Education Movement“, provides a great springboard into the conversation.   Sequentially, they explore the motivations and pedagogy of early outdoor educators.  Beginning with early Greek models to the Romantic period notions of making the wilderness more accessible and friendly to young people and learning.  The story just adds layers of understanding to the origins of our work.  Although much has changed over time, the roots of the Outdoor Education Movement continue to impact programming today.  

Finally, Hutch and Phil spend time discussing their professional connection to the Association of Experiential Education (AEE).  As they banter back and forth, you’ll discover why they are both drawn to the organization.  Maybe you will be too!  The future of Experiential Education and Outdoor Education looks promising to Hutch, even during times of challenge.  Listen now to find out why.

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