Tips to Encourage Participation


Episode 147: Have you ever encountered a “reluctant” participant? In our work as facilitators, it’s more likely than not, that all participants may not be eager or comfortable engaging in activities. If you struggle with how to engage participants in activities, then stick with Phil. In this episode, he shares tips and suggestions on how to encourage participation.

Topics and Tips Provided in the Episode

  • Create engaging and diverse agendas for participants
  • Read your group and participate
  • Serve as a role model as much as possible
  • Mix up your activities to create a flow of activities
  • Provide meaningful roles for participants with responsibilities that matter

Phil agrees with the notion that “Facilitators are guides on the side”. Don’t take it personally if someone chooses to sit out an activity or not engage fully. Be fluid and flexible and in many cases, participants will find their participation zone of comfort.

Spot Markers – A great tool for facilitators

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