Inspired Educators Stories

Podcast: What Inspired You To Become an Educator?

VPP Podcast Description:

Episode 60: In this inspired educators stories podcast, High 5 host Phil Brown sets the stage for back-to-school 2020.  He reaches out to educators and asks them a deeply personal question: “What Inspired You To Become An Educator?”  This High 5 podcast genuinely captures the the conviction and motivations of 6 educators who are returning to work.  Each teacher shares their answer to why they teach.  One educator describes discovering their passion for working with young people through sports.    Another teacher describes the powerful mentorship experience of finding a teacher who believed in them.  While another teacher explains their passion for shepherding kids through transitions, and helping hard to reach students.   High 5 Adventure supports and wishes teachers well as they begin a new 2020 school year!
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