Sweeping the Shed conversation with Jim Grout


Episode 108:  In this episode, High 5’s Executive Director, Jim Grout joins host Phil Brown to discuss a concept that originates from the book “Legacy” by James Kerr: Sweeping the Shed. Each chapter in “Legacy” is a page-turner, but one chapter, in particular, Sweep the Sheds, resonates with the team at High 5 Adventure. This concept of sweeping the shed, is at the core of High 5’s work in the area of leadership development. 

Right from the start, Jim and Phil pick up the themes that emerge in the chapter titled Sweep the Sheds.  The chapter’s subtitle Never Be Too Big to Do the Small Things that Need to Be Done drives the conversation forward.  At length, Phil and Jim discuss examples of working with professional sports teams, school administrators, workshop participants, and others.  From examples of working with the Boston Bruins hockey team to administrators from public schools, a concept of leadership by example emerges.  More precisely, the idea of never stop doing the small things, even when others aren’t watching helps to inform the conversation.  Time and time again, the pair find deeper meaning in the term Sweep the Shed and how that relates to leadership development.  Additionally, High 5’s mantra of Connect – Empower – Lead… Be the Example helps to guide the dialogue along.

As the episode wraps up, Jim remarks “This work is so transferable to all groups.  It’s about being human.”  This combination of actions and attitudes toward one’s work is neatly summed up in this episode. After listening, you may decide to do some sweeping of your own.   

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