Chip Wood: Educator & Author

Edge of Leadership Podcast

 Meet Chip Wood: MSW, Educator & Author Description: Episode 6: In this, the first of several podcasts, Chip Wood joins host Phil Brown and High 5 Executive Director, Jim Grout to discuss his background in child development and education and the compatibility of their shared approaches to education and leadership. Chip is a co-founder […]

Thinking Adventure Practitioner

Vertical Playpen Podcast

The Experiential Thinking Practitioner Description:  Episode 66:  At High 5 we take great pride in helping others become “Thinking Adventure Practitioners”.  It’s a term we use often at High 5 in our trainings and it’s a recurring theme in our publications.  So, what do we mean by the term Thinking Practitioner?  Through experience, how does […]

Edge Of Leadership Podcast For Educators

Edge of Leadership Podcast

Welcome to The Edge of Leadership Podcast! Description:  Trailer Episode: A NEW Podcast for Educators!  Here’s a short trailer introducing you to our NEW Edge of Leadership Podcast. Join the High 5 staff, including all members of our Edge of Leadership team. If you value connection, empowering your students, and creating the next generation of […]

History of Outdoor Education – Hutch Hutchinson

Vertical Playpen Podcast

History of Outdoor Education with Hutch Hutchinson Description: Episode 63:  Have you ever wondered about the history of Outdoor Education?  What inspired the early outdoor educators?  Hutch Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, joins host Phil Brown, in a captivating discussion about the history of Outdoor Education.  From the early 19th […]

5 Ways to Make Back-to-School Easier

Edge of Leadership Podcast

5 Ways to Bring Ease to Back-to-School Description: Episode 4: What do teachers want parents to know about transitioning back-to-school with more ease? Furthermore, how does one go about answering such a question? Especially, one that is on the minds of so many families and educators as the school season starts again this fall. Join […]

Managing Emotions & Vulnerability

Edge of Leadership Podcast

Managing Emotions & Vulnerability in School Description: Episode 3: What are the best approaches for managing emotions and vulnerability in a school setting? Members of High 5’s training and EOL teams join forces to discuss this important question. Join Ryan, Anne Louise, Lisa, and Phil as they talk about the impact modeling vulnerability has on […]

Building Connections with Students

 Building Connections with Students and Danny Kamps Description: Episode 2: In this episode, Danny Kamps, a Keene Middle School teacher, joins Edge of Leadership host, Anne Louise Wagner. The pair discuss how connecting with students is crucial for education to be impactful. Learn how these social events exceed just a teacher-student relationship and in […]

Experiential Learning Abroad with Katherine Conway

Vertical Playpen Podcast High 5

Cultural Immersion Experiences with Katherine Conway Description: Episode 62:  Experiential learning abroad is the focus of AMIGOS International with guest, Katherine Conway.  This organization provides Experiential Learning and Youth Leadership opportunities in the US and Latin America.  Their core programs offer cultural immersion experiences for high school students.  High 5 podcast host Phil Brown chats […]

Neurochemicals at Play

Neurochemicals at Play in Adventure Learning

 Neurochemicals at Play Vertical Play Podcast Description: Episode 61: What do neurochemicals at play look like?  Adventure learning brings play to life and can actually trigger chemicals in the brain that offer great benefits to folks.  Basically, we’ll examine the impact of neurochemicals at play from an insider’s view, High 5 Adventure trainer and […]

Inspired Educators’ Stories

 Inspired Educators’ Stories: What Motivated You To Be an Educator? Description: Episode 1: In this inspired educators’ stories podcast, host Phil Brown sets the stage for back-to-school 2020. Reaching out to teaches, he asks them a deeply personal question: “What Inspired You To Become An Educator?” What follows is a genuine display of conviction […]