How To Read Your Group - Facilitator Tips


Episode 112: In this “listener question” episode, we’ll explore what it means to “read a group”. Recently, a listener posed this question to our team: “How do you teach a new facilitator to read their group?” High 5 Trainers Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt freely share tips and ideas on how to read your group. They know firsthand that it can be challenging to get a pulse on the dynamics of a group when first starting out as a facilitator. In this helpful back and forth dialogue, they dive into the purpose and value of reading a group. Above all, as they suggest to give yourself time to develop this skill, it doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s a summary of what they’ll cover in this episode…

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • Can you teach someone the skill of reading a groups’ dynamics?
  • Explore the teachable concept of progression.
  • What activities and how does sequencing allow a facilitator to learn about their group?
  • Impact of early interactions and the high value of listening and observing participants.
  • What is the function of reading a group? 
  • Is there a place for an agenda and how to implement backup plans?
  • Does a program’s success rest on accurately reading your group?

Additional Resources

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