Trauma-Informed Facilitation with Andrew Florence


Episode 122: Meet Andrew Florence, Director of Experiential Learning at Crossnore Communities for Children on VPP today. Host Phil Brown has lined up a series of questions addressing the many facets of adventure-based counseling and Trauma-Informed Facilitation. Here’s a summary of talking points…  

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode:

  • Mystery Question: What was the best present you have ever received?
  • Destigmatizing mental and behavioral health
  • How do you teach the challenging aspects of facilitation?
  • Explain more about the work at Crossnare Communities for Children
  • Describe Trauma-Informed Facilitation
  • How do play and adventure help to restore one’s imagination?
  • The alchemy of facilitation and trying to find your voice in this industry

Additional Resources

Learn more about Crossnore Communities for Children 

Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann

Email: Connect with Andrew

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