What is Belaying? Definition and more...


Episode 120: The High 5 training team joins together to discuss belaying. No matter if you are new to challenge course programming, or have been belaying for a long time, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and tips to support your work in the field.

Our team of 5, gathered around the table are Phil Brown, Hanne Bailey, Chris Damboise, Lisa Hunt, and Rich Keegan – all of whom have hundreds of hours of belay experience under their harnesses. From formal definitions to technical tips, you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from the team’s collective knowledge. Let’s get to belying…

Topics and Questions Covered in This Episode

  • What is Belaying?
  • A definition for the term “belay”
  • Explain some foundational principles of good belay technique
  • Review the recommended method of belaying
  • Decipher PBUS belay technique
  • Trainer tips that help improve belayer’s skills

Additional Resources

The Allusionist – A Podcast About Language on Apple Podcasts

Contact the training team for more information on how to belay: podcast@high5adventure.org.

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