Challenge Course Services

There aren't many things that bring more "buzz" to a school, camp or organization than a challenge course.

climbing towerA challenge course--or ropes course--is a group of activities, puzzles and challenges constructed of wood, cables and hardware. Some elements are close to the ground and others are up high, necessitating climbing and safety equipment: ropes, harness, helmets, etc.

In challenge course situations the participants are taken out of their standard frame of reference and asked to participate in unusual, challenging, fun, but sometimes intimidating activities.

Groups are assigned the challenge but not given any explanation in how to achieve a successful outcome. Activities on a course are dependent on interaction, healthy communication, positive group behavior, problem solving skills and trust.

If these traits don't exist within the group then a challenge course experience can help to quickly and successfully develop them. Participants learn to recognize inner resources, strengths and positive qualities within themselves and amongst their team mates.

Building an elementHigh 5's building team has 20 years of experience in designing challenge courses. With our vast collection of challenge course elements and this experience, we can creatively integrate the elements that best suit your program's specific needs.

Our challenge course development team is familiar with multiple building technologies and a wide range of building materials. Outdoor courses can be built using tree sites or utility poles. (Both have advantages and disadvantages.) We can also bring adventure inside through the design of custom indoor elements (gymnasium beams/rafters/trusses and empty walls are perfect for many challenge course elements.)

Always remember that the challenge course is only part of a successful adventure program: it is the people who are trained to facilitate on the course that drive the effectiveness and success of it. High 5 places high priority on proper training and will always ensure that there is a training plan in place prior to building a course.

Annual Challenge Course Inspection and Repair

working togetherHigh 5 also offers annual inspections. After a thorough inspection of all elements and equipment, we'll provide a detailed written report on the current condition of your course and its operational safety, and note the repairs that we recommend.

Our reports are not simply pass/fail. You will be given details of the condition of an element, recommendations to using it most effectively, and opinions as to when it might need attention or repair in the future. We believe that by giving the most detailed information, you are best able to plan ahead for future maintenance.

Planning and Consulting

Our experience makes us a valuable resource for site evaluation and consulting services. This work can be done on site or through a combination of phone contact, photos, video and blueprints. Often customers involve us early on in the planning and construction of new facilities. By planning ahead for the eventual installation of an indoor course, contractors can often incorporate the plans and make and changes or additions to their work.

A few examples:

  • If you hope to build a climbing wall in a certain place, contractors can avoid placing things on that wall, such as thermostats and clocks.
  • By placing elements before construction, contractors can reinforce beams to accommodate weight load requirements, saving time and money on the other end.
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