Team Development Experiences

We want to help you discover your team’s potential. An adventure experience can change everything. Our programs are designed to:

  • Increase and enhance team communication and performance
  • Improve creative problem-solving skills
  • Develop effective conflict-resolution skills
  • Establish a greater sense of team camaraderie
  • Create an atmosphere of cooperation, trust, and encouragement
  • Help participants discover and effectively capitalize on group resources.

Right from the start, our wealth of collective vision, experience and passion goes to work for you. When participants get immersed and hooked on the experiences and interactive activities we create, the atmosphere is spirited, mildly competitive, joyously cooperative and lots of fun. The intent is fun, not thrills; competition is discouraged in favor of cooperation. Our love of what we do and our ability to form meaningful connections fuels great things. Suddenly everything your team strives for becomes possible.

Our programs are different than other team-building experiences. If your team has ‘already done that’ we encourage you to give us a call. Our team development philosophies dig deeper into each group’s unique set of skills, challenges, and priorities to create lasting effects and true change in the way groups work together. (The Boston Bruins had “already done that” when they came to us – they were surprised at our abilities to drill down to and meet the needs of each team member and motivate them to perform better as a group. Then they won the Stanley Cup.)

Contact High 5® and share your ideas. We’re confident in our staff’s ability to provide creative solutions that will demonstrate the power and adaptability of adventure programs to virtually any group. Most programs can be developed to last one day or multiple days, depending on your needs. We offer:

  • Single and multi-day low and high challenge course experiences.
  • Indoor and outdoor opportunities.
  • Half-day team initiative and problem-solving workshops.
  • Engaging activities and dialog sessions.

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