Strengthen Community Bonds with Playful Team Building Activities

Welcome To The Ubuntu Card Community!

We are thrilled to have you join our ever-growing worldwide community of Ubuntu card enthusiasts. These cards are much more than a product; they create space for new conversations and open up a world of creativity and community building. We are excited for you to discover powerful new ways to encourage your groups to interact, have fun, and find commonalities with Ubuntu.

📌 About Ubuntu Cards

Ubuntu cards are designed to inspire meaningful connections, foster creativity, and encourage community building. There are 54 cards in a deck, and each card has a single image on one side and multiple images on the other. The cards offer limitless reflection opportunities through metaphor, but we have also discovered that they also offer just as many opportunities for group interaction and creative play.

📋 How to Use Your Ubuntu Cards 

Getting started is easy! Click the button below to download your guide with 13 activities to kickstart your Ubuntu journey.

🌍 The Ubuntu Philosophy 

At the heart of Ubuntu cards is the belief that there exists a common bond between us all. Specifically, the word Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term and philosophy (Nguni is a subset of the larger family of Bantu languages and peoples in the southern portion of Africa). The term means “humanity” and is frequently translated to “I am because we are.” Ubuntu highlights our interconnectedness as a community.

To learn more about the philosophy and history of Ubuntu, read DEI Outdoors’ research and findings.

🔆 Who Can Use Ubuntu Cards? 

Ubuntu cards are for everyone! Whether you’re an educator looking for activities to foster connection in the classroom, a human resources professional seeking to strengthen your team dynamics through play, or a facilitator building connections with your participants, these cards are your perfect companion.

🗣️ What Others Say About Ubuntu Cards

"My 9th-grade health students openly talk about what has shaped their personality by using a simple deck of UBUNTU cards. Something special comes up when this magical deck of cards comes out in class.”
Mark Friedrich, Teacher, Millburn High School
"One of my favorite props in my backpack is a deck of Ubuntu cards. The versatility they provide allows us to use them with any group seeking to have some fun, establish richer connections, or reflect more purposely."
- Angela Veatch, Associate Director - Springfield College Outdoor Learning Center
“I use UBUNTU cards in almost every program I deliver. They are my #1 go-to resource when I want to help people interact, share & connect.”
- Mark Collard, Experiential Trainer, Author, and Founder of Playmeo
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💬 Join the Conversation 

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