Chris Sanchez

Edge of Leadership Program Specialist

Chris started at High 5 in the fall of 2022 in his role as Edge of Leadership (EOL) teacher and works with students and their teachers in grades 5 – 7 in Keene, NH schools. He is passionate about working with young people and has an innate talent for facilitating that began during his years as a camp counselor and then as an outdoor leadership educator in Maine at Kieve-Wavus Education. From there, the pull of working with students in an experiential setting took hold and eventually led him to pursue a BA in Outdoor Education from New England College. 

Teachable moments in the classroom arise continuously, and Chris wants to “help students figure out how they learn best and provide them with challenges that allow them to feel empowered and accomplished.” It is not unusual to find Chris laughing with students and sharing in their fun. He readily admits, “It is okay to be goofy or silly and to have fun, but how do we come back from that to refocus on a task at hand?” Chris is always asking questions and encouraging students to do the same – a skill that Chris comes by naturally