Tips for Activity Modifications with Jeff Dutko


Episode 161: Modifying activities in gym class or on the challenge course is creative and fun for both educators and participants. However, there are some important concepts to consider when modifying activities for your participants. 

Our two guests on the podcast, guest host Rich Keegan, and his longtime friend and past colleague Jeff Dutko, discuss ways you can modify activities and keep your participants engaged and having fun.

Topics and Questions Covered in this Episode

  • Suggestions on how to read your participants and assess modifications on the fly
  • Prop ideas and suggestions in the gym and on the challenge course
  • Time management tips
  • Modifications that work and ones that don’t work
  • KISS – explanation of the Keep It Simple Silly concept
  • Consider modifying your own expectations

Additional Resources

Jeff has worked for many years at the Gengras Center – find more information here –

Check out the KYooB – Modify & Create your own activities too!

It’s a square, it’s a web, it’s High 5’s initiative the KYooB!  Our spin on the classic Spider’s Web activity is designed with purpose and portability.  We created a sturdy, group-friendly low element that can be assembled quickly and used in all settings from classrooms to camp forests.  An activity guide includes 18 activities to jump-start your web activities! Learn more here!