Activity Names and Themes - Questions to Consider


Episode 171: As facilitators, we often find ourselves planning and leading activities to engage our participants and help them achieve their goals. However, do we need to share the names of these activities with our participants? While it’s important to provide clear instructions and objectives for each activity, the name of the activity itself is not always necessary.

So, what is the purpose of activity names? One might argue that activity names serve as a way to categorize and organize different types of activities. However, it’s important to remember that not all activities need to fit neatly into certain thematic buckets.

In fact, sometimes activities that are seemingly unrelated can be just as effective in achieving a particular goal. For instance, a fun icebreaker game that has nothing to do with teamwork might actually help break down barriers and create a more relaxed and open atmosphere among participants.

Moreover, activities that are overly prescriptive can actually hinder creativity and limit potential outcomes. Instead of feeling constrained by the name or description of an activity, facilitators can encourage participants to approach the task with an open mind and think outside the box.