Adventure and the Unknown - Finding Balance


Episode 195: In this episode, High 5 Trainers Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt delve deep into the world of adventure education and one specific component: the concept of the unknown.

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

Traditionally, adventure education often emphasizes keeping participants in the dark, shrouding activities in secrecy to create an element of surprise and uncertainty. However, we challenge this approach, arguing that it can have unintended consequences.

Join us as we explore the importance of maintaining a psychologically safe learning environment in adventure education. We discuss why withholding information and keeping participants in the dark may not always be the best strategy. We believe that pushing people into the unknown without adequate preparation can have adverse effects, potentially pushing them out of their comfort zones too soon, leading to discomfort, anxiety, and even negative learning experiences.

Whether you’re an educator, adventure enthusiast, or simply curious about the dynamics of adventure education, this episode will provide valuable perspectives on how to create a more effective and psychologically safe learning environment. Join us for a candid conversation that challenges conventional wisdom and explores innovative ways to optimize adventure education for everyone involved.