Art of Education with Adam Ames


Episode 69: Meet Adam Ames, an artist from New York and past participant of High 5’s Adventure Basics: Level 1 Training. Joined by Phil Brown and Executive Director Jim Grout, the team explores what the art of education entails. During the podcast, Adam shares his background in experiential education. Specifically, he highlights how High 5 contributed to his understanding of the concept. Later on, Adam guides the team through his own work with the art collaborative, Type A.

Firstly, Adam and Jim describe their introduction to one another and retell the experience of the aforementioned High 5 workshop. Following this, Adam explains how he and his fellow group of artists prepared for the program. After admitting there was a bit of skepticism leading up to the whole trip, Adam explains how this dissipated once the group began to open up. Through a back and forth between him and Jim, a clear picture of how each side experienced the workshop is garnered.

Next, Adam and Jim share what they valued most from the experience. For Adam, this was the addition of new facilitation techniques, which he still uses to this day. As he points out, this workshop had a major impact on him both as a member of a team and as an artist. From this, Adam reflects on his goals of growing as an artist to expand its definition and do things no other artist had done before.

Lastly, Jim and Adam have a conversation surrounding the idea of explaining these kinds of impactful experiences with others. Is it even possible? The episode ends as the pair attempt to answer this question and resolve how this workshop helped Adam and his team complete a challenging project.

Learn more about Adam on his website here.