Adventure Education Programs in School - Mark Friedrich


Episode 150: Do you operate an Adventure Education program in a school?  Are you interested in starting or expanding an Adventure Program at your location? Join host Phil Brown and guest, Mark Friedrich from  Milburn High School in NJ who runs a full-time Adventure Program at Milburn. The program is thriving and Mark and Phil discuss the many reasons why and how Adventure Programs positively impact students and the school community. 

Topics and Questions Covered in this Episode

  • Running an Adventure Program in a school
  • How to manage short class times (43mins)
  • Sample of an 8-week curriculum
  • Methods to incorporate the larger school community into the program

Additional Information

Want to reach out to Mark, here’s how:


Twitter: @AdventureEdGuy
Instagram: adventure.ed.guy
TikTok: @adventureedguy

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