BOOST - Podcast Lounge


Episode 82:  This is a live audience episode recorded for the 2021 Virtual BOOST (Best of Out-of-School Time) Conference.  It’s a 30-minute BOOST Podcast Lounge! VPP host Phil Brown invited three colleagues to join the live BOOST Podcast Lounge show.  They include High 5 Trainer Rich Keegan, Justin McGlamery, who is founder of Focus Your Locus Teambuilding Training and Development, and Chris Ortiz. Chris is the Program Director for the Team Development Center at Shaver’s Creek and an instructor for the Recreation Parks and Tourism Management Department at Penn State University.  

All told, this group has decades of experience running programs in team and leadership development, facilitation, social and emotional learning, and adventure education.  One by one, they share answers to questions presented by the audience.  It’s a 30-minute Q&A session kicked off by Phil.  First, Phil asks the panel about their go-to virtual facilitation tips.

Podcast Lounge Questions Presented:

  • What’s your number one virtual facilitation tip to share with others?  
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to help students and adults transition back to in-person learning?
  • Can you share some ideas on resetting norms as students and adults return to in-person environments?
  • Explain the value of bringing gamification into virtual experiences and share some tools to help engage audiences online.

Finally, they discuss how each of them began to shift their thinking about what is possible in virtual programming.  In sum, they all adapted, modified, and changed their programming.  Ultimately,  all of them found creative ways to continue to use their favorite activities with great impact.  

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