Can I Use My Own Personal Equipment on a Ropes Course?


Episode 233: Welcome to this episode of VPP. Phil Brown discusses whether staff should be allowed to use their personal equipment while facilitating on a challenge course. The main points covered include the comfort factor, the availability of gear loops, and instilling confidence in participants. Phil argues against the policy of using personal equipment and provides reasons such as the limited time spent hanging in the harness, the availability of rescue equipment, and the potential liability issues. The importance of uniformity, understanding the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the psychological benefits to participants are also highlighted.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Consider the reasons for allowing staff to use personal equipment on a challenge course.
  • The comfort factor may not be significant as challenge course. facilitators do not spend much time hanging in the harness.
  • The availability of gear loops may not be essential and can add unnecessary weight to the harness.
  • Instilling confidence in participants can be achieved by wearing the same harness as them.
  • Liability issues arise when personal equipment is not included in the inspection report.
  • Uniformity and understanding manufacturer’s recommendations are important for safety and ease of use.