Challenge Course Inspection Process


Episode 74: Learn more about the challenge course inspection process from two experts at High 5 Adventure.  Todd Brown, Director of Challenge Course Services (CCS), and Ian Doak, Assistant Director, join Phil Brown for helpful guidance on Challenge Course Inspections.  In a twenty-minute audio tour, they cover these topics:

  • Overview of the Inspection Process
  • How to Prepare for an Inspection
  • Expectations During an Inspection
  • Best Practices for Your Challenge Course

With over 40 years of combined experience in the field, Todd and Ian share best practices and tips to make your challenge course inspection process efficient and impactful.  Step-by-step, they guide you through preparing for your inspection.  If you are wondering if you should leave your belay gear up year-round, Todd and Ian will provide best practices for that too.  The team dives into best practices for the storage of gear so you can keep your gear in tip-top shape.  Continue to discover more about inspections in a recent blog Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course! 

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