Childhood & Adolescent Development with Chip Wood


Episode 105: In this episode, Chip Wood joins host Phil Brown and High 5’s Executive Director, Jim Grout to discuss Childhood and Adolescent Development. With years of experience as a principal, teacher, social justice advocate, and lifelong educator, Chip shares his vast knowledge and perspective on Adolescent Development. Central to the discussion is the subject of integrating social and academic learning in schools. As the term social and emotional learning has grown in awareness, Chip explains his perspective on the value of social learning and how that impacts academic learning.  Later in the episode, Chip explains his connection to Adventure Learning and Leadership Development for youth and teachers.

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • What feeds your innovative spirit?
  • What do children need in their learning? 
  • How do we help people focus on how to make learning meaningful? 
  • What is good trouble?
  • Are you optimistic about the future of learning?
  • What is distributive leadership in schools?

Resource(s) Mentioned in Episode:

Yardsticks: Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4 – 14  By Chip Wood