Meet Chip Wood: MSW, Educator & Author


Episode 6: In this, the first of several podcasts, Chip Wood joins host Phil Brown and High 5 Executive Director, Jim Grout to discuss his background in child development and education and the compatibility of their shared approaches to education and leadership.

Chip is a co-founder of Responsive Classroom® and author of “Yardsticks – Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4-14.” He was a public school principal in Massachusetts for 17 years and helped lead Responsive Classroom for 23 years, consulting with schools nationwide. He has also been a facilitator with the Center for Courage & Renewal for over 20 years.

Phil, Jim, and Chip share their beliefs about the importance of integrating social and academic learning in the classroom, a process that involves a focus on what students know rather than what they don’t know.

This episode wraps up with a retelling of how Chip was first introduced to High 5 Adventure and vice versa and how each group’s work intersects with the other, especially as related to leadership and the adult communities of schools and organizations. Looking forward to the year-long collaboration ahead, each member of the podcast shares what gives them hope for the future of education.

Chip Wood is joining High 5 for a year-long collaboration with Edge of Leadership in his role as a co-developer and facilitator of Leading Together, an initiative of the Center for Courage & Renewal, Northeast located in Massachusetts.

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