What We Say & How We Say it With Mike Anderson


Episode 102: This episode focuses on communication in the classroom.  Guest host Anne Louise Wagner interviews lifetime Educator, Author and Educational Consultant Mike Anderson. Edge of Leadership’s Ryan McCormick joins the interview as a participant too. Here’s an overview of what they cover in this insightful discussion…

Topics & Questions Presented In This Episode

  • What’s your favorite form of communication?
  • What’s the biggest obstacle to effective communication?
  •  The importance of what we say and how it matters in the classroom
  •  Communication skills in the classroom
  • How do adults model challenging emotions in the classroom?
  • Strategic communication tips

Learn more about Mike Anderson here:  www.leadinggreatlearning.com

Resources Mentioned in Episode:

Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn – Mike Anderson

What We Say And How We Say It Matter – Mike Anderson