Connection Accelerators Discussion


Episode 187: In this episode, Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt explore different strategies and techniques that can enhance and deepen our connections with others.

Drawing from their personal experiences, Phil and Lisa shed light on various connection accelerators that have the potential to transform our relationships. They discuss topics such as collective novelty, emotional significance, joy, and the accomplishment of challenging tasks.

They emphasize the importance of sharing our WHY and not just our WHAT, allowing us to forge more authentic and meaningful connections. They also explore the role of choice and autonomy in engagement, highlighting how these factors contribute to building stronger bonds.

They provide practical insights and actionable advice on how to apply these connection accelerators in our everyday lives, helping us navigate both personal and professional relationships more effectively.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your social interactions, strengthen your team dynamics, or cultivate deeper connections with your participants, this episode offers a wealth of inspiration and guidance. 

Show Notes